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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Owners Association


What is a Home Owners Association (HOA)?

A Homeowners Association is an organization charged with maintaining and enhancing the appearance, maintenance, financial viability and value of the community. The Association is a legal corporation organized and incorporated under the laws of MD. The Association has Articles of Incorporation that entitle the association to exercise powers of a corporation. By purchasing a home within your community association, you automatically become a member of the association and will remain so for as long as you own your home. Membership in the association is mandatory and automatic for all owners. The deed to each lot and/or parcel specifically designates that the property owner will comply with the By-laws along with the RESTRICTIONS AND CONDITIONS of the association. You should have received a copy of these documents at the time your home purchase was closed by the title company.


What is Cloverfields Property Owners Association (CPOA)?

CPOA is a non-profit civic association that manages the recreational facilities and other amenities of the Cloverfield community in the best interests of its members. CPOA holds title to real property on which are located pool, marina, beach and Clubhouse.


How is the business of CPOA managed?

The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the assets of the community, ensuring the financial health of the association, determining the level of services, and establishing policies and/or rules and regulations governing the use of the common areas. The Board of Directors is made up of individual homeowners who own property within the Association and who are elected to serve as unpaid volunteers in that position by the members of the Association. The directors are elected by the CPOA membership to 1 or 2-year terms. All affairs of a Homeowners Association are governed by the Board of Directors. In general, the Board Members are the decision makers for the Association. The President is the CEO of the Association. In addition, resident volunteers serve as officers, department managers, or leaders of specific activities. A list of these volunteers is online and in every monthly newsletter.



CPOA Membership


Do I have to become a member of the CPOA?

Yes. As a property owner you will participate in the governance of the community through participation in the CPOA, committees and perhaps as a board member. You cannot own in a neighborhood with an HOA without belonging to the organization. One reason that developments have Associations is to keep the homes and facilities in the community looking nice. If some households don't obey comply with the rules, it would make the HOA ineffective and detract from the value of the community. That is the reason that you have to become a member as a pre-requisite to buying a home in a community with a Homeowners' Association.


Who is eligible to be a member of CPOA?

Each member of the CPOA must be a homeowner in the Cloverfields community and pay the HOA annual and any other fees required. If there are outstanding dues or other assessments on a property, they must be paid in full before membership will be granted. If NOT paid, the owner will NOT be allowed to use the community amenities’ and a lien will be filed. Renters can become an Associate member and can use the community amenities’ if they pay the additional fees. Questions about membership can be directed to the CPOA Board of Directors. CPOA is managed by volunteers, not a paid professional community management firm. Please allow 24-48 hours for responses to emails.


Can renters be CPOA members and use CPOA facilities?

Renters can be an Associate member with a lease and pay the annual rental fee, which is in addition to the HOME OWNERS FEE. As such they may use and enjoy the facilities and property of Cloverfields, provided that all dues, fees, and assessments are current. These lessees may also attend CPOA-sponsored activities. Renters should contact the CPOA Board of Directors to let them know that they have moved into the neighborhood and to learn whether their non-resident homeowner is a member in good standing.


What are the benefits of CPOA membership?

CPOA members in good standing are welcome to use the pool, beach, Clubhouse and marina facilities. They also receive a bi-monthly newsletter; they may attend CPOA-sponsored social events; and they have a vote at the annual membership meetings in April and September. CPOA also maintains security cameras at the pool and beach. For additional annual user fees, CPOA members in good standing have access to boat slips. Residents of Cloverfields must also be CPOA members in good standing to be eligible for a pool membership with Cloverfields. The benefits of CPOA membership extend to the immediate families of such members who reside with the member.


Are members permitted to invite guests to use CPOA facilities and participate in CPOA-sponsored activities?

Resident members in good standing may invite guests to use and enjoy the facilities and property of CPOA, provided that the guest is accompanied by that member or one of his/her immediate family. However, if a homeowner or their immediate family members are residents of Cloverfields but the homeowner is not a member in good standing of CPOA, they are not permitted to use the facilities or the property as a guest of another member. For use of the pool specifically, there is also a $3 guest fee.



What are the rules on who is eligible to be issued a Membership ID so they can use the pool and other amenities that the community provides?

The Association will issue Membership IDs to all owners of the property and their immediate family members.


The Rules and Restrictions of the HOA outline that a residence is limited to one family.  The Association defines one family to include the owner, owner’s significant other and their children up to the age of 26 whom live in the residence and those living in the residence that the owner has legal guardianship.  It does not include grandchildren, the owners parents, boy/girl friends or aunts/uncles.  Those residing in the residence that are described in that context would be considered a second family and would require an Associate Membership to be given access to the community amenities.  


Children of the owner that are 18 and older will need to provide proof of residence (i.e. utility bill, driver’s license, etc.).


The Association uses the Maryland State Department of Taxation and Assessments website ( to verify the titled owners of the property.


While on CPOA property (i.e. pool, beach, marina and clubhouse) you should have your Membership ID in your possession.



My parents live with us but are not listed on the title. Are they eligible to use the pool and if so what do we need to do?  

Yes, but they will need to apply for an Associate Membership or pay the $3.00 guest fee and be accompanied by a person with a current Membership ID.


My parents, who don't live with us, watch our children during the day. What do we need to do so they can take the children to the pool? 

Provided that you have paid your dues in full and your parents pay the guest fee of $3.00 they can take them to the pool. This would also apply to a childcare provider that is not related to you. Just make sure the children show their current Membership ID when entering the pool. If they bring any additional guests that are not members of the Association they would need to also pay the $3.00 guest fee. 


I’m the owner of the property and live with my girl/boyfriend and their children. Are they eligible to use the pool/beach area and if so, what do we need to do?  

If they would like to go to the pool/beach unaccompanied they can apply for an Associate Membership. The benefits of the Associate Membership would extend to their children as well. They can also pay the $3.00 guest fee and go to the pool accompanied by a person with a current Membership ID.


My 26-year-old immediate family member has moved out and lives at a different address. Are they still eligible to use the pool?  

No, immediate family members between the ages of 18 to 26 years of age need to reside at the property. They can still go to the pool but would need to pay the $3.00 guest fee.


My 27-year-old immediate family member is residing with us and has a driver's license that shows the property as his legal residence. Are they eligible to receive a Membership ID? 

Since they are over the age of 26 they would be considered a second family and would need to apply for an Associate Membership. If they happened to have children (i.e. your grandchildren), they would be eligible for Membership ID as eligible children of the Associated Member.



What if I am an owner and rent out my home?

You still pay the owner’s fee, which provides you full rights. The renter can apply for an Associate Membership with a copy of the lease and the additional Associate Member fee. 




What Do Dues Pay For?

Like any budget, a homeowner association’s budget is designed to provide for upcoming needs to operate and maintain the community such as utilities, landscaping, maintenance and administration. The Annual Assessment (or dues) of CPOA provide funds to cover operating expenses for all the common areas, pool, beach, and community yard maintenance. By delivering services at the direction of their members, the HOA meets the expectations of the residents by working to provide a safe, attractive, well maintained living environment, preserving the nature of the community and protecting property values.


What is the deadline for payment of dues?

Dues are billed annually in early January, based on the budget approved by the membership in September. The dues must be paid by February 28. There is a $11 monthly late fee if dues are not paid by February 28. The late fee is to encourage members to pay on time and reduce the amount of time that volunteers spend having to send more bills and keep track of who has not paid. Please pay dues on time.


The houses vary in price, why are the dues all the same?

Your Annual Assessment is based on costs to maintain community services, amenities and common areas. All members have equal access to all common areas and derive the same benefit from them. Costs are divided between all the homeowners equally and the value of your home does not affect these per homeowner costs or the access or benefits you have to all the services and amenities Cove Creek offers.


Will dues go up in the future?

The Annual Assessment has been stable for years without an increase. An increase may be necessary at some point in the future to ensure that income covers any escalation in cost or expenses.


Have I paid my maintenance fees? If so, why didn’t I get my stickers?

A common reason for not receiving vehicle stickers is failure to send in a copy of the car registration. Confirmation of payment of maintenance fees can be established by contacting the CPOA Board of Directors. Payment can be done online: OR at some of the scheduled dates at the CPOA Clubhouse that occur January through May.


Can sellers request a refund of dues or assessments?

CPOA does not give prorated refunds of dues or assessments to sellers. The title company can collect any prorated dues from the buyer for credit to the seller at settlement.





Does CPOA impose any restrictions on the use of homeowners’ property?

The lots in Cloverfields have private deed restrictions and covenants that, among other limitations, regulate building construction. Covenants are recorded with the Land Records Office of the Queen Anne’s County Clerk of the Court. A list of the restrictions that generally apply to each section of Cloverfields can be found online.


In addition, CPOA members must comply with all relevant bylaws of the organization. Article VII of the Bylaws includes the special conditions that help to maintain the general appearance and well-being of the community. Several of these conditions restate restrictions found in the covenants.


In accordance with both the covenants and bylaws, requests for approval of fences, storage sheds, other separate structures, or exterior structural modifications to existing properties must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors before commencement of building activity. More information can be found in the Architectural Review Guidelines. Requests for approval can be submitted in writing to any Board member or by email to:


What do I need to do in order to build on my property?

An application and guidelines are available from: File with QA County for a building permit and submit plans with the CPOA building committee.  Fences only needs to go through the CPOA building committee.





How do I get on the marina slip waiting list?

Contact Courtney Chambliss: 410-643-7739.


What are the prices and what is provided when renting the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is available to Residents only. For more information, visit:


How do I file a complaint?

Residents may voice their complaints through the Cloverfields web site:


Who do I contact to get water, sewer, trash collection, and leaf collection services?

Municipal water and sewer services are provided by Queen Anne's County (Sanitary District).


There is no municipal trash collection service.  A number of private companies do pick up in the area.  Generally, they collect weekly and some that also collect recycling do so every two weeks.  A listing of providers we’ve seen in the area can be found at  CPOA does not endorse any particular company.


As an alternative, residents can use the Batts Neck Transfer Station (  Some charges might apply.


There is no municipal leaf collection service.  Check with the trash collection companies to inquire they provide the service.

Board Meetings are on the

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We will be meeting at the Clubhouse

All are Welcome.


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