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Cloverfields Construction Guidelines

Looking to build, add an addition, shed or fence to your property in Clovefields?  Then please review the Construction Guidelines below.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact:

CPOA Construction Guidelines
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All plans for construction in Cloverfields shall be submitted to the Construction Review Committee (PO Box 488, Stevensville, MD 21666) of the Cloverfields Property Owners Association. The Construction Review Committee will check with the Financial Recorder to insure the owner of the lot(s) has paid the Association annual fees and is in good standing. Failure to comply with the all policies the lot owner (s) may get their community privileges suspend or revoke for using and enjoying the recreational facilities along with the costs and reasonable attorney’s fees if taken to court, in the maximum amount permitted by law.


It would be best to apply to Cloverfields first, before applying to the County for your permit or you may have a 30 day delay in getting your plans approved by the County.




  1. A cover letter shall be submitted stating the following:

a)     Type of House

b)     Square Footage (living space)

c)     Exterior Finish

d)     Exterior Colors

e)     Roof Color/Shape of Roof Line

f)      Property owner’s name, address and contact phone number (day and evening) and Builder’s name and phone number

g)     Lot number of subject property.Lot number is an alphabetical prefix with one or two numbers following


  1. The lot owner, or his Builder, shall submit:


a)     Two sets of Building Plans showing floor plans, front, rear and side elevations.

b)     Two copies of the Site Plan showing location and dimensions of the improvement to be placed on property in relation to property lines.


  1. The Review Committee will return one set of the plans with a CPOA Stamp of Approval and an Approval Letter; or if disapproved, a letter will be sent stating reasons for disapproval. In some cases, a set of building plans may be returned for re-submission accompanied with a letter of explanation.


  1. Each dwelling constructed shall be different in exterior design color as to siding, shutters and roof from the dwelling on either side. The Committee may require minor additions such as dental molding, ornamental trim, shutters, style of shutters or window placement to distinguish side-by-side homes. Color and design must be coordinated and approved according to adjacent lots.


The Committee will meet on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month. Plans received will be reviewed and returned within 10 days of the next scheduled meeting.


  1. A condition of construction approval shall be receipt from all Owners of a statement given permission for CPOA, or its agent, to enter upon and inspect the property for compliance at any time during construction and the owner’s agreement to abide by the guidelines.




  1. All Ranchers to have 1,250 square feet or more living space, defined as heated finished.


  1. All Cape Cods, Split-Levels and Two-Story Homes to have 1,500 square feet or more of usable space, defined as heated finished space or space available for interior finishing.


  1. All Raised Ranchers and Split Foyers to have 1,650 square feet or more of living space defined as heated finished areas.


  1. For the purpose of computing square footage, dimensions within two inches of an even foot shall be considered as the next largest size, i.e. 23 feet 10 inches shall be considered as 24 feet for purposes of determining square footage.




  1. All job sites must have a dumpster or screened area for construction debris during the time of construction and the Builder shall keep the site clean of debris on a daily basis.


  1. All job sites to have chemical toilets; one toilet may serve adjacent job sites, but no more than ten (10) persons.


  1. Workmen shall engage in construction only during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.




  1. Front setbacks to be 35 feet from front property line to meet county codes. Revised 04/2004 Side and rear setbacks according to County Code. The Committee, at its discretion may require the placement of the dwelling on the lot be adjusted to accommodate the placement for the surrounding homes. When wetlands are in effect, a letter from the appropriate governing body should be submitted with plans showing location within wetland and approval for construction with any restrictions or limitations outlined.




All fences must be in the rear of the residence. Existing fences, now located in the front of the dwelling, must be removed when they deteriorate. Chain-link fences shall have a maximum height of 48 inches. No filler shall be inserted in the weave of the mesh.Split or post rail fences with two (2) rails may be a maximum of 42 inches high; three (3) rail fencing a maximum of 48 inches high. Picket fences shall have a maximum height of 42 inches. Privacy fences shall have a maximum height of 6 feet. No fences shall be approved or permitted on corner lots if they obstruct the view of oncoming traffic. No double fences shall be permitted without CPOA Board approval. No fence shall block the water view of their neighbors.


  1. DECKS 


a)     Size of Deck

b)     Shape

c)     Location

d)     Type of decking





  1. CPOA Board of Directors can grant EXEMPTIONS to any of the construction policies. Before any exemptions will be granted, the neighbors who’s property connects to or is adjacent to the property will be notified.
  2. CPOA shall have no liability for any construction delays, damages or losses for whatsoever reasons.
  3. The Association reserves the right at all times to annul, waive, change modify, supplement or add to these guidelines.
  4. Our recorded Restrictions and Conditions (Covenants) filed Liber TSP46, Folio 529, and Assignment filed Liber CWC14, Page 505, and Restrictions Liber TSP50, Folio 526 and By-Laws revised September 1991, shall be incorporated herein and made a part hereof.


Set forth 18th day of July, 1994.



                                                                                                                                                                        Cloverfields Property Owners Association

Board Meetings are on the

Second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm

We will be meeting at the Clubhouse

All are Welcome.


PO Box 488

Stevensville, MD 21666


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