Cloverfields Halloween Costume Party!

Sunday the 26th at 2pm

$2.00 per Child

Prizes for Children Ages




10 and up

for Scariest, Prettiest, Funniest,

Most Original, and Best Overall in Show

Vehicle Stickers at the Beach

Please note, you must have your car sticker while parked at the beach. Due to an increase in non-residents parking at the beach and using our boat ramp, we will be towing all vehicles that are parked at the beach without a sticker.  Please note, the sticker must match the vehicle. So if you ‘lend’ your sticker to another car, then that vehicle will also be towed. We are doing this to ensure that our beach and boat ramp are in use by the residents, and not everyone in Queen Anne County.

Cloverfields Clubhouse

As you may have noticed, the old clubhouse has been torn down. While the old clubhouse served our community well for many years, it had become simply too much expense to repair and maintain. We expect construction on the new clubhouse to begin sometime in October.