Cloverfields Property Owners Association

General Membership Meeting

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

2pm at the Clubhouse


Please come out on
Sunday April the 19th
for the Community Clean Up!

We will meet at the marina to assign different areas to work on such as the beach, marina, pool, and playground. Even if you only have an hour or two to spare, all help is welcome!

Please come out and help us with the final

Cloverfields Clubhouse projects

Sun, 4/19  10am- 4 pm

  1. Door closers (4)

  2. Parking lot stone/grading

  3. Landscaping planters/branches

  4. Scrap metal/organize materials

  5. Cove base – kitchen

  6. Floor tile – kitchen grout clean/seal

  7. Ceiling fans – balance

  8. Hood and Ice Bins – pressure wash

  9. Hood filters – soak clean

  10. Restroom partitions (arrive Wed, 4/15), install

  11. Hood exhaust fan / Make up air units

  12. Fire extinguisher

  13. Rough in cable and telephone to street

  14. :Paint touch up / caulk …Attic access hatch

  15. Crawl space access hatch – hinges

  16. Men/Womens – small signs for doors

  17. Restroom exhaust fan – noise

  18. Mop room – J channel

  19. Restroom mirrors, TP holders, paper towel and soap dispensers

  20. Hardwood flooring – top of stairs

  21. Stain stairs, handrails, counter trim

  22. Ice bin – clean/paint

  23. Front door – exterior paint on trim



Sunday, April 26th from 12:00 – 2:00 pm at the clubhouse


Come meet the Coaches and swim on a great swim team,

lots of fun, lots of new friends. 

Metro Swim will also be there to meet all your swim team needs?


Items such as swim suites, goggles, caps, and

all kinds of swim stuff, so come order your swim team suites. 

Everyone needs to be on the team! 

Go Stringrays!


Call Courtney at 410-643-7739 or Meredith at 410-643-5852

for information.